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Homam - Methods (English Version)

2. Doing Homa (Havan)

Every one, irrespective of caste, creed, colour or religion, has the necessity to keep their body, mind, soul and the environment clean and Divine so as to harness the maximum benefit of a good and comfortable Divine life ensuring that they are best utilized to the advantage of the humanity.In order to enable everyone to have a very good clean mind, tension-free life, Divine environment, good behaviour, food and clothing, perfect disease free good health, and wealth , we are pleased to introduce a very simple sadhana (method) called “Homa in Home – which ushers “Happiness forever in your life”


This method is very simple to do with the barest minimum cost at the shortest time. “God is simple and so the method to reach Him should also be simple” is the core essence of this method. Devised by the great saints, as the most advantageous method of cleansing everything with Divine vibrations generated through Divine mantra chanting, community prayer, Homa (havan), meditation, this method is sure to divinize your soul.
Doing Homa (Havan) using one of the five elements – fire – has always been found to generate the desired results and to ward off all bad elements and evil spirits within oneself and surroundings.The great seers and saints knew very well that the energy in the fire is Divine. They invoked from their soul their Divine energy and merged the same with the energy in the fire to make it absolutely Divine. This is called “Prana-prathishta” – installation of the Divine energy. The Fire is no longer a “carrier” of things to the eternal world and the Divine energy of the Deity installed therein receives the offering directly. This process ensures that the “worshipper, worshipped and the worship” becomes ONE AND UNITED. The nature nourished through this process of integration of Divine energy with the fire, gave bountiful of nature’s gifts for the welfare of the society.

Most of us make all sorts of offerings into the fire and make the atmosphere polluted. We also act against the greenery by using a lot of wood to burn all these offerings. It is to be understood that there is no sanction in scriptures for using all such offerings in the fire and this practice must have come in the 19/20th century.
In earlier days our great Rishis and Saints used fallen twigs and cow’s ghee (fat) only for doing Havan. They did not use even cow dung cake, as is now done, because it generates smoke. According to dictums, any offering made into the Divine Fire (Havan) should become ash immediately and there should be no remnants of any sort. They never used all sorts of articles like silk saree, edibles, fruits, nuts and more wood, ghee and cow dung cakes to burn them out endlessly. Such use of unspecified articles in the havan (homa) was considered to become an act of karma (done for removing the ill effects of action and reaction) with no guaranteed results, rather than for getting Divine grace.In western countries including USA, many traditional Hindu Temples have abandoned the practice of burning cow-dung during the ritual fire (homa) because of the contaminants, consequent to excessive hormones injected into the cows to improve milk yield. In fact, the cows are even fed with their own crushed bones and flesh from the slaughter houses and they are forced to eat them. Thus the use of cow dung in havan (homa) is not advisable, from the scientific point of view. Eventhough this may not be the fact in India, still most of the cows are fed with several artificial vitamins, injections to improve milk, and fertilized grass etc.

According to the latest news, NASA seems to have sprayed a thin layer of cow urine/dung on the walls of space shuttle, to protect it from atomic radiation. Our forefathers knew and used cow dung on the walls and floors, to keep away all types of germs and insects and to protect them from radiation. Thus they never fell ill with mums, skin problems, measles, viral fevers etc., at any time. The atmosphere around them was always clean and tidy with a Divine smell.

The cow dung not being needed for any Homa (havan), was used as a natural manure, so that the plantations and trees around flourished very well. There was also no chemical pollution as there was no use of chemical manure or pesticides/fungicides.

As a result the great Rishis and Saints were able to keep down the cost of rituals, prevent atmospheric pollution, and provide food to the needy, for a happy and good community living. They lived with nature. They knew that regular practice of havan (homa) significantly decreases the unhealthy elements of sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide (air pollution).

Our great masters have identified each alphabet in Sanskrit with a specific herb, a specific human body part, a specific Divine energy and related mantra, a specific Devata (deity), a specific animal or bird, a specific disease relating to that human body part and the curative value such herbs possess in respect to the ailments connected with one’s body, mind and environment when the specific mantra is chanted and the relative herb is offered into the Divine fire.

“” have re-identified all these herbs and made them into a powder which alone will be used in “Homa-in-Home”. By using this powder in the Homa (havan), the total effect of using all the herbs to cleanse the soul and the atmosphere of all impurities, impressions, samskaras, complexities, illness, grossness etc., is achieved in one stroke. The subtle interactions of the sound waves of the mantras with the cosmic energy are carried upward in a spiral form by the force of the electrons generated by the fumigation of the herbal powder, and results in the penetration of the ionosphere and beyond. And this is how the bridge between earth and heaven is activated. The combination of the powerful energy of the mantras creates extremely auspicious and purifying vibrations. The very light herbal smoke containing healing energy purifies the atmosphere, both physically and subtly, encouraging a peaceful environment. The powerful element of the raising of the herbal smoke kindles the kundalini energy and cleanses the body and mind.

This powder burns naturally with the most pleasant Divine aroma and minimum smoke – and can be safely used even in western countries without the smoke alarm being activated. The Divine aroma and fragrance ensures the presence of the Divine Godly vibrations to prove the fact that – ‘Where there is God there is fragrance ‘– and generates a feeling of oneness with Godly vibrations in and around us. This method is very simple and very cost effective, at the same time providing the most essential satisfaction of doing Homa every day in one’s home. A lot of trees are thus saved to help the humanity and mother earth to maintain the equilibrium.
The single alphabet mantras – as propounded in mantra sastras – along with selected Gayathri mantras have been coined to go hand-in-hand with the herbal powder and make the whole process of “Homa-in-Home” most simple and unique, to generate one’s most essential mental satisfaction of having obtained the Divine blessings of the forefathers in the family, kuladeivam (family deity) and more precisely the Devata whose mantras are chanted for the Homa to appease them to grant the boons and benefits. The doer of the Homa gets all “purushartas” attainments including material and spiritual. These mantras are chanted, adding the word “swAhA” at the end and offering the herbal powder into the energized hotplate.

This process also helps in removing any defects concerning “Vastu” and “Feng-Shui” in the premises and the entire atmosphere vibrates with Divine energy always. Therefore one regularly doing “Homa-in-Home” becomes prosperous, healthy, environmentally blessed to live in harmony.

Pregnant women are encouraged to do this “Homa-in-Home” to ensure that the child receives the Divine vibrations and develops intelligence, good health, and comes into this world as a good citizen with Divine qualities. A sense of gratitude develops in the child naturally and takes care of the parents in due course at their old age. Married women who has not been granted a child, will be able to conceive a good child in due course by doing this homa regularly.

This Havan does not disturb the neighbors or pollute the atmosphere in any manner whatsoever. The burnt herbal powder (homa ash) can be used as Prasad with no side effects.

It hardly takes 10 minutes to do the homa and everyone in the home can jointly or severally do it at their will and pleasure. There is no time schedule set for this purpose, as Divine Energy is beyond time and distance (movement). Therefore it can be done at any time convenient.

A special electrically operated shock-proof Copper Homa Kunda with the Agni chakra installed and energized therein, is offered with the pure herbal powder representing the 51 alphabets – energized through mantra chanting – to everyone interested in joining this unique scheme of “Homa-in’Home”.

The copper Homa Kunda and Herbal powder with the mantras to be chanted – in English, Sanskrit and Tamil language for the time being – is supplied along with a pure Crystal Maha Meru inside crystal pyramid or cube, or crystal Sriyantra flat, which is also energized fully as per mantra-tantra-yantra sastras in vogue. They generate and continuously vibrate Divine Energy in its place of abode. Therefore the presence of the Divine Energy already available in the form of the Crystal Meru or Sriyantra gives additional strength to the Homa.

Finally, this comes from a great family who are Sri Vidhya Upasaka of more than 8 generations and who practice Srividhya in its true perspective, reality and truthfulness, so that the Divine Energy is transmitted to everyone without any distinction.

There are no formalities to join this scheme, excepting that the person should send his/her photograph(2), along with complete address, so that he/she can be initiated directly (in absentia) by Swami Sri Sathyanandji, founder of this divine method of “Homa in Home” by transmitting the Divine Energy to the soul of the person to make him/her qualify to do “Homa-in-Home” and reap rich benefits. Swami Sathyananda is fully empowered by his Guru to initiate persons interested in this method. No fees/guru dakshina are payable for initiation, as the initiator and the initiated become one, after initiation. However the minimal cost for the Crystal Meru/Sriyantra and the Homa Kunda with Herbal powder are to be paid. The Homa can be done by any one and there are no barriers of caste, creed, colour, sex etc.

You can sit facing any side, as Energy has no side. The side which the devotee faces while sitting, is always considered to be west – i.e. Divine is always facing the East and the devotee is facing the Divine – West.1. Select a suitable wooden plank with a silk or cotton cloth on it (to insulate one from earthly currents) and sit on it facing any side one feels comfortable. Sit with a feeling of happiness, as it is important. No tension of any sort should be exhibited. If you so desire, you can also wash your mouth, feet and hands to have a feeling of purity of body and mind. Dress code is not important.

2. In offices one can do the Havan in a standing pose, as we stand before a deity in a temple.
To ensure that the mind has a comfortable feeling of having been connected with the soul of the Guru-God, you can chant any prayer you like, or close your eyes and meditate for a while. You can also play any divine chant or music to your liking. This will help the Divine energy get established with your soul.

Please keep (optional) a pancha patra (made of copper, brass or silver) with uttarani with pure water. Please take one uttarani of water – and drink three times in the remembrance of your Guru, family deity and forefathers (saying OM). If you know the achamana mantras – Om AchyutAya namaha, OM AnantAya namaha, OM GovindAya namaha - you can take the water in your right hand and sip the same once with each mantra.

Plug in the Homa Kunda, place the copper homa kund on the hot plate and ensure that the Hot plate is fully activated and heated up and wait for atleast 5 minutes before commencing the Homa (havan)

Take a pinch of the Herbal powder in your right hand with the fore finger and thumb or in the small laddel provided for this purpose, hold it near your heart, energise the same with the vibrations of your soul, raise the hand holding the herbal powder above your head, draw the Divine energy available in the atmosphere by using all your will power, bring it down into your heart, draw the divine energy out through your right nostril, and finally place the powder on the hot plate (copper Homa Kunda), chanting OM or HrIM,. with total belief that the Divine Energy has merged with the Energy of the Agni (Fire) in the hot plate and the Deity installed therein to receive your offerings.

Again take a pinch of the Herbal Powder and offer the same with each mantra with the words SWAHA chanted at the end into the homakunda. (hot plate). You can do this with either all the mantras given or known to you including Gayatri or with only one mantra to your liking. There are no hard and fast rules. Each and Every mantra coined has the desired Divine energy and vibrations.

7. All the members of the family, friends and relatives can do this joining together in the Homa offering. Groups of ladies and gents can do the Homa (Havan) by sitting around to reap maximum benefits.

8. When offering to the Gurus, as a mark of respect and gratitude, you can invoke the Divine Energy of your Guru or the Divine Energy of Guru “Satyanandanatha” and offer the Herbal powder into the hot plate with the words “Om Sathyamba sametha sathyanandhanathayai swaha”.

9. Before concluding the Homa, offer a heart-felt prayer of gratitude and thank the Divine, the Guru, the Kuladeivam and your parents, and pray for bestowing you all the fruits of a happier life.

10. When you have finished the mantras, chanting and doing the Homa as many times as you like, you can offer the “Poornahuthi” by finally offering the herbal powder with the word “Om Tatsat” and with both your hands held over the Homa Kund (palms down), mentally collect all the divine energy emanating from it and pour in on your head, with a feeling that it is entering your body and get merged with your soul. This would ensure that the entire fruits of the Homa will remain with your soul for ever.

11 . At the end, offer the entire fruits of your Homa to the Universal Divine Energy taking a little bit of water in your right hand and pouring the same on the ground before you with the words “Brahmarpanam”.

TRAINING – is also organised to train groups of people - such as those group chanting Lalitha sahasranama, Trisati, Vishnu Sahasranama, Siva Sahasranama, Thirupuzhar, Sivacharyas, Prohits, Teachers, Pundits, Astrologers, meditation groups, etc. Those interested to get the training may contact us with all particulars to fix a suitable place, date and time. For each group a leader will be initiated, who in turn can train others, so that this unique concept of “Homa-in-Home” spreads all over the world. NO FEE IS CHARGED FOR SUCH TRAINING.Note: Lalitha/Vishnu/Siva Sahasranamas, Trisathi and Astotharams are not intended for doing Homa. Homa (Havan) should be done only with the prescribed mantras.

IMPORTANT POINTS TO REMEMBER – Prayer is always begging the Divine for favours while meditation gets the Divine into yourself for ever. This Homa (Havan) is for getting the Divine merged with one’s soul and therefore it is called “Athmavidhya”.

Before doing the havan (homa) devotees can add a very small quantity of pure cow’s ghee with the 51 matruka akshara herbal powder, if they so desire. However ensure that the powder does not become too wet with ghee.

NOTE: Once the Homa (havan) is over, switch off the power supply, wait for the copper vessel to cool down to collect the fumigated burnt ash and used as may be desired. DO NOT TOUCH THE ELECTRICAL PLATE OR THE COPPER VESSEL ON THE HOT PLATE WHEN IN OPERATION.

Everything offered is based on good faith and belief of the doer and therefore the end results will always depend on the intensity, devotion, dedication and total belief in the mantras, the process and the ultimate results.

May all be blessed by the Divine Mother –